March 2018 Newsletter

Dear HVC Members,

March (and a bit of warmer weather) is here, which means our March meeting is coming up soon. This is an important meeting for the chapter, so I’d like for as many of our members to attend as possible!

March Meeting – Thursday, March 15th – 7:30pm

The speaker at this meeting will be Ethan Epstein, a Principal Investigator at Commonwealth Heritage Group. His talk will be entitled:

Can Late Paleo-Indian response to changing resource availability inform modern political policy?

Tracking consistency and change in climate data, habitation sites, resource availability, and lithic datasets during the early Holocene (ca. 10,500–8,500 years ago) in the American Midwest and Great Basin region, my research suggests that improved access to specific resources led to increased sedentism among Late Paleo-Indian lithic societies.

When looked at through the lens of modern climate change, these findings suggest that we can predict an increase in human mobility and a consequent escalation in conflicts over resources as modern societies adapt to socioeconomic problems brought about and exasperated by a warming planet.

Dinner – 6pm – Please RSVP

If you would like to join the speaker, chapter officers and HVC members for dinner beforehand, please RSVP with myself at your earliest convenience. As per usual, our dinner will be at The Original Cottage Inn Restaurant, 512 E William St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Reservations are for 6pm, under the name: Marshall Gaines. We hope to see you there!


1.) Our chapter elections will be taking place at the March meeting (March 15, 2018). I will run for chapter president again, and Cherokee Gonzalez has plans to continue as our Vice President if re-elected. Our secretary, Mark Corrao, plans to step down, so we will need to elect somebody to take over the position. If you are interested in this position, shoot me an email and/or be sure to attend the March meeting.

2.) Dan Wymer, MAS President, has requested that our chapter form a sort of “Membership Committee.” All this means for you, members, is that at our chapter meeting this month (and in April) we will have a bit of a brainstorming session about ways to increase membership and/or entice new members to join the MAS. If you are not planning to attend these meetings, or have an idea on your mind right now, feel free to share it with me via email. The ideas we come up with will be presented at the state meeting in late April.

3.) If you have not paid your dues for 2018 yet, now is a good time to do so. Only chapter members can run for office or vote in the chapter elections which are taking place this month. Membership info can be found at:

4.) The new and revamped version of the MAS website will be launching at the end of March. Members and non-member visitors alike can expect a greatly increased number of features and a much more functional and up-to-date site.

5.) The Michigan Archaeologist, the annual journal published by the MAS, should be caught up by the end of the year or shortly into 2019. Those who paid dues for previous years should receive the issues associated with those years.

Other Upcoming Events:

1.) March 8, 2018, 6:00-7:00pmFAST Lecture: Halieis, City of Fishermen presented by Dr. Bradley Ault, Associate Profeessor and Chair of Classics, University of Buffalo, SUNY. More info here.

2.)March 21, 2018, 5:30-7:30pmMarch Science Cafe: Postcards from the Anthropocene looks like a very interesting event with multiple speakers. More info can be found here.

3.) March 22, 2018, 5:30-7:30pm West Meets East: Commerce Between Ancient Rome and South Asia presented by Dr. Sethuraman Suresh at the Kelsey Museum. More info here.

4.) April 13, 2018, 12:00-2:00pmMaterialities: Ancient and Modern, a conversation with Jaś Elsner and Annabel Wharton, facilitated by Ra’anan Boustan and Rachel Neis. More info here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments at! I hope to see you all soon!



Marshall Gaines,

HVC President



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