June 2017 Newsletter

Dear HVC Members,

I hope you are all having a great start to your summer and keeping cool, or enjoying the blazing heat if that’s your thing.

Summer Break

We are off for the summer, so our next meeting will be on September 21, 2017. It will be a special potluck meeting to discuss the book we are reading as part of our Book Club. More details about the meeting will go out with the July and August newsletters; more details about the book club can be found below.

Old Business:

1.) Just another reminder to renew your MAS memberships for 2017. If you cannot recall whether you have paid your 2017 dues, shoot me an email and I will gladly let you know.

2.) Saline Salt Springs Project 2017

Interested in joining MAS volunteers to get your hands dirty and do some real archaeology yourself? Join us in Saline, MI as we excavate the site of a future park. Get in touch with Deva at mdevajebb@gmail.com for more information or to join. You must be a current member of MAS or the Saline Historical Society to participate, and information about artifacts will not be shared with the public – you’ll have to join to see what fun things turn up!

No prior experience required. Just come prepared to work outdoors in dirt. Again, get in touch with Deva for more information. You could also email me, but I’ll likely just pass you along to her.

3.) HVC Summer Book Club

Last year we revived the ol’ HVC summer book club. Earlier this year, we decided to continue with the book club, and at April’s meeting, a book was selected! Members who would like to participate in the book club should read Searching for Golden Empires: Epic Cultural Collisions in Sixteenth-Century America by William K. Hartmann (available on Amazon and likely elsewhere) over the summer. A discussion will be held for September’s meeting.

I picked up my copy recently! There’s plenty of time to get yours and read at a leisurely pace over the summer months.

4.) Seeking Volunteers to Work HVC Table at Saline Celtic Festival, July 15, 2017

We are still seeking volunteers to work our table for two hour windows at the Saline Celtic Festival on July 15. You will receive free admission to the festival if you volunteer. Any who are interested, please get in touch with me. Thank you!
Miscellaneous Archaeology Links

New World Archaeology News:

100-Year Old Shipwreck Discovered off the Coast of California

8,000-13,000 Year Old Native American Site Discovered off Southern California Coast

Press Release about Above Site from NPS

3,000 Years BP Copper Mask Discovered in Argentina

500+ Year Old Aztec Temple Unearthed in Mexico City

Old World Archaeology News:

They found a “Thing!”

Tomb of Egyptian King Senwosret III (~1850 B.C.) to Open to the Public

Beaver Teeth May Have Been Used to Carve 11,000 Year Old “Shigir Idol”

Interesting Article on the Origins of Fire Use Among Hominins

Holes Drilled in Cliffs in Sudan may be Evidence of Mesolithic Structures

Apparent 300,000 Year Old Homo sapiens Bones Discovered in Morocco

Miscellaneous Articles

How Cats “Conquered the World”

Article Considering Reasons Behind Destruction of Artifacts and Heritage Sites by ISIL

Oxford’s Official Announcement of the EAMENA Database, Cataloging 20,000 Sites Endangered by Conflict and Other Agents of Destruction in the Middle East

“A History of The Entire World, I guess” – Funny little video that went around. It’s a fun watch, if silly (Warning: Contains whimsical profanity).


As before, let me know if you have any questions or comments at matugaines@gmail.com! Enjoy the longest day of the year tomorrow and carry that positive trajectory through the entire season!



Marshall Gaines,

HVC President



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