February 2017 Newsletter

Dear HVC Members –

Welcome new member Daryl W. and new transfer Robert S. (from Coffinberry chapter). We’re so happy to have you join the ranks of the HVC.
February Meeting – THIS Thursday, 16th – 7:30pm

Our meeting will be held in the meeting room of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (ground floor), 434 S. State St, Ann Arbor.

Our speaker will be Dr. James Harrell, Professor Emeritus/University of Toledo, who will be presenting: In Search of Ancient Egyptian Gemstones.

This presentation is in two parts. The first provides an overview of the gemstones employed in ancient Egypt, including their varieties as well as their uses in jewelry and other decorative arts. The second part focuses on the speaker’s geo-archaeological survey of ancient gemstone mines in Egypt: those for amazonite at Gebel Migif and Gebel Hafafit, amethyst at Abu Diyeiba and Wadi el-Hudi, carnelian and other chalcedonies at Stela Ridge northwest of Abu Simbel, emerald in the Gebel Zabara-Wadi Sikait district, fluorite at Gebel el-Ineigi, and peridot on Zabargad Island in the Red Sea.

Dinner – 6pm – Please RSVP

If you would like to join the speaker, chapter officers and HVC members for dinner beforehand, please RSVP with myself at your earliest convenience. As per usual, our dinner with be at The Original Cottage Inn Restaurant, 512 E William St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Reservations are for 6pm, under the name: Deva Jebb. We hope to see you there!

Old Business

1.) We received the green light from Kelsey management about serving coffee and cookies/treats at our meetings. Who would like to volunteer to bring in the coffee and/or treats? You would need to stop at Paneras or Starbucks on your way to the meeting and buy one of the cardboard to-go boxes of coffee (for 10-15 folks, with cups, lids). You would be immediately compensated upon handing in your receipt to HVC treasurer, Eric E. A package of cookies could be purchased at any time before the meeting and brought in, to also be immediately compensated upon submitting the receipt. One person can do coffee and another cookies. Please help this chapter to be successful and welcoming to members and non-members alike. Contact me ASAP if you can volunteer to bring one or both of these items in this Thursday.

2.) If you have not renewed your MAS membership for 2017 – PLEASE DO SO ASAP!
Currently, we have 34 paid members for 2017. I am still keeping those who last paid in 2015 on the mailing list as a courtesy but please pay up. You may have “accidentally” forgotten to pay in 2016 but please pay for 2017. Thank you.

3.) Have you seen the super HVC webpage our chapter V.P., Marshall Gaines, has created thus far? If not, please check out the site and bring your feedback to the upcoming meeting. https://hvcmiarch.wordpress.com/ Or you can also bypass the meeting and directly email Marshall yourself at matugaines@gmail.com. All feedback and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

4.) Chapter Elections in March

– I will be stepping down as President of the chapter. Please consider running for any and all of the chapter posts. Positions are open to current paid members only.

5.) Upcoming MAS & Other Archaeology Talks:

Wednesday, February 15th: Coffinberry Chapter meeting (see attached flyer below).

– (Non-MAS) Thursday, February 16, 2017, Lecture 4-5 pm: A Karanis Collaboratory, by David Stone, Arthur Verhoogt, Alexandra Creola, Elizabeth Nabney, and Mollie Fox.
During the Spring semester 2016 a multidisciplinary and multigenerational team of researchers analyzed two structures that were excavated in the late 1920s by the University of Michigan in the Egyptian town of Karanis. By combining archaeological, art historical, archaeobotanical, papyrological, and other approaches such as 3D modeling, we identified future directions for Karanis research. This talk will summarize the team’s work.
Kelsey Museum Lecture Hall, 434 South State Street

– (Non-MAS) Endangered Heritage Conference at U of M | February 16-17, 2017

Thursday, March 16th (HVC Meeting): Let It be Well Done: a Corduroy Remnant of Hull’s Trace in
Brownstown, Michigan,
by Daniel Harrison, Doctoral Student, Wayne State University

– New World Archaeology News

Clovis Culture, Ice Age Fauna Weren’t Wiped Out by Cosmic Impact, Study Finds

How newly discovered skeletons may be the first colonists of St. Augustine (FL)

Ivor Noël Hume, famed archaeologist, dies at 89 (Founder of Historical Archaeology)

– Metal Detectorists Help Archaeologists Dig Up a Secret History Article submitted by HVC Member, Jim P. Thank you! (Great article that really touches upon whether non-archaeologists out using metal detectors are a help or a hindrance to archaeologists)

Wyoming Wildfire Reveals ‘Massive’ Shoshone Camp, Thousands of Artifacts

–  Mesa Verde’s Sun Temple Reveals Geometrical ‘Genius,’ Physicist Says

Amazonian rainforest was managed by ancient geoglyph builders

–  Archaeological Approaches to Ceramics (Huron ceramics with resource info)

– Looking for something awesome to do this summer? Campus Archeology is officially accepting applications for our summer 2017 field school. The field school runs May 30th – June 30th, Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm. Find more information and the application form on the field school website: http://campusarch.msu.edu/?page_id=273

(See flyer attached below)

– Old World Archaeology News
Students Experiment With Ancient Brewing Techniques (China) (Beer, again!)
Archaeologists Might Have Found Another Dead Sea Scroll Cave
The secrets of rare Viking boat burial uncovered in Swordle Bay on Ardnamurchan peninsula (…a female chieftain!)
Oldest Prostate Stones Ever Found Suggest a Man Was in Agony 12,000 Years Ago (Sudan)

Seventeenth-Century Shopping List Discovered Under Floorboards of Historic English Home
– Misc. Archaeology/Archaeology-Related Links, Blogs, Pop Culture

6 Black Archaeologists and Anthropologists You Should Know About
– Stonehenge – Open Online Course

Explore 5,000 years of Stonehenge and discover your own response to the World Heritage site through this free online course.
Why a TED Prize Winning Platform May Inadvertently Rob Egypt of Its Buried Antiquities
Why US museums and the antiquities trade should work together

Women in Science: 10 minutes with a Maritime Archaeologist

Jobs in American Archaeology: Pay for CRM Archaeologists (older article – 2015 – but still interesting)
– Not quite archaeology but, nevertheless, of historic interest: After A Massive Evacuation, Greek City Defuses A World War II Bomb

Valentine’s Day Archaeology-Related Bits:

Pompeii unveils Roman kiss for Valentine’s Day
The Dark Origins Of Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day – Archaeology Style (actually, this is an article on dating methods)

Romantic Valentine’s Day Sites in Scotland

– Plus, look at the amazing archaeology valentines I attached for you below! Use them wisely!

And happy Darwin Day! (Sun. Feb. 12th) Enjoy these articles on evolution!

Thousands Of Darwin’s Hand-Written Manuscripts Made Available Online

Observe The Evidence For Evolution On Your Own Body

The Five Most Common Misunderstandings About Evolution

Study Suggests That Humans Are Still Evolving

See you this Thursday!

Deva Jebb-Albaba

HVC President


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