Welcome to the online home of the Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society!  Here you will find monthly newsletters, archaeology news, and information regarding upcoming events, including HVC meetings.  Brief news items will appear on this page, but for more information, refer to the monthly newsletters.

2017 Saline Salt Springs Field Season:

Members of the Michigan Archaeological Society or Saline Historical Society should take advantage of this exciting opportunity to volunteer on an actual archaeological field project.  No prior experience is necessary.  Get in touch with Deva Jebb (mdevajebb@gmail.com) for more information or to join the team.  More details can also be found in the monthly newsletters.

Archeology Group, Aug 27, 2016

A lovely group of volunteers from a field session last August!

2017 Book Club:

For this summer’s edition of the HVC Book Club, chapter members are reading Searching


Grab a copy from your favorite bookseller or library and join in on the fun!

for Golden Empires: Epic Cultural Collisions in Sixteenth-Century America by William K Hartmann.

Our chapter will not be meeting during the summer, so our next meeting shall be in September, where we will discuss Hartmann’s book as a group!  This meeting will be a potluck gathering which will only be open to paid HVC members.  Keep an eye on the monthly newsletters for more info.